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The truck stops without brakes and kills two people in Tultitlán

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A truck crashed into a living area in the municipality of Tultitlán, State of Mexico. According to the first reports, two people have died and three more have been injured for these reasons. Here there are elements of local politics to look at the stage.

According to testimonies, the driver passed through a street with a slope when a problem occurred that prevented him from keeping the gear and thus reducing his speed, which was the occasion of the accident that occurred this morning in this area located in the area Edomex.

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Choc against two motorcycles and a combi

They shopped on Avenida Insurgentes, in the Buenavista colony. According to the testers, the vehicle must be attached to a combination of two motorcycles before impacting the life.

The truck that was encrusted in a living room that was encountered in the place, due to the coup, could have been damaged in addition to the front, the structure of the first floor and the lower floor of the living room.

Thus one could see the life before the coup for unity. PHOTO: Google Maps.

Where did the accident of the Buenavista colony, Tultitlán happen?

They were seen at the crossroads of Avenida Insurgentes and Avenida Álvaro Obregón. The truck passed through the wall of a house. The authorities investigate the people.

Mató to the motorcyclists at the moment of the choque

The fatal victims of this accident were people traveling on a motorcycle. Because they brought paramedics there, they couldn’t do anything to save their lives. Persons in the public transport unit were found among the injured.

Bombers and paramedics of Civil Protection arrived at the place to start with the relevant diligence to attend to these people. The three injured people were transported to the emergency room to receive medical attention.

You don’t know what happened to the conductor

The authorities have not revealed what happened with the leader of the unit; However, according to protocol he may be taken to a hospital in a detainable class in case he is injured or transferred to the Public Ministry to make his declaration.

The point was sought by the authorities, so that curious people should avoid searching in order to avoid the loss of evidence or contamination of the scene.

Deaths in the Tultlán accident will be brought to the Forensic Medical Service

Within a few meters of where the truck was pulled, the bodies of the rolled motorcyclists were found. They were covered with a cloth to check their identity and also to avoid being photographed.

It is expected that within a few minutes we will contact the experts of the General Fiscalía de Justice of the State of Mexico to carry out the relevant diligences to carry out the risks that allow us to complete the investigation process.

The remains of the victims will be taken to the Forensic Medical Service to have the corresponding necropsy performed and determine the exact cause of their death.

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