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The truck leaves the control and hits the Palacio de Gobierno de New León

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On the night of this Tuesday, a serious accident occurred in the Government Palace of New Leon, where two vehicles were wrapped. One of them was shocked by the inmueble gubernamental. They happened in the city of Monterrey, in the calle de Matamoros, at the crossroads of Avenida Zaragoza.

According to information from Telediario Monterrey, a green truck hit one of the entrances of the gubernamental enclosure. What happened? The first reports point to the fact that the first vehicle went up the Infonavit building, stopped without brakes and hit a second vehicle on the road.

Apparently the driver of the truck was left without the brakes, so that he could not manipulate the truck, making sure that he would break the barrier of the barrier, impacting himself against the car and driving in front of a valley that would cushion the blow.

Personnel from the Red Cross received the accident report and immediately arrived at the perimeter to assist the victims who participated in the accident. The woman who drove the truck was looked after by royal paramedics, they did not require a transfer, without embargo, they were valued.

They also arrived at the area of ​​the three elements of the Traffic Police and security personnel of the gubernamental precinct, who helped the authorities to explain the things and avoid responsibilities. You hope that the authorities will help you with the case.

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