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The trial of the alleged murderer of activist Enríquez Vanderkam is pending

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The alleged person responsible for the attack against the life of the activist Adolfo Enríquez Vanderkam Last November 21st, he was subjected to judicial proceedings, he informed the General Tax of Justice of Guanajuato.

By means of a press release, the state office indicated that the registration process was completed Luis Jair de Jesús “N”who had disparate in the direction of Vanderkam when he went to a taquería located in the center of Leon.

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Asesinan on the streets of León to the activist Adolfo Enríquez Vanderkam

Asesinan to the police director of Contepec, Michoacán, after seizing him in front of his wives and children

After the attack, the thief is detained and his family defends him: “Yes, it’s something, but I won’t give it to anyone”

“The investigations carried out by agents of the Fiscalía de Guanajuato, to reveal the murder of Adolfo Enríquez Vanderkam and the intent of the murder of a teenager in the same way, they took part in the detention of Luis Jair by Jesus ‘N’.

“To fulfill the order of aprehension, the agent of Ministerio Público I put the control panel at the disposal of the alleged murderer and presented risk elements collected by the working group commissioned by the general tax office, among which are the results that were obtained from the laboratories, among other indices that allowed the intervention to be determined el hecho delictivo”, argues the Fiscalía.

Enríquez Vanderkam denounced these crimes in his social circles. Photo: X / UM Gerardo

If you don’t know the movement

The summer annex reports that, well, elements that bind the prisoner to the suspects, recorded during the night of November 21st on the street Hernández ÁlvarezHowever, it was not clear what the movement of the asesinato was.

Enriquez Vanderkam share reports about crimes in the city of Leon through your account Telegram, from which it had more than 50 million followers. Furthermore, he collaborated with an addiction rehabilitation center, so he does not want to keep in touch with any of these activities upon his death.

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