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The thief stole a woman’s cell phone and discovered that she was being raped by her peers, so he reported him in red

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In social circles the story of an alleged person went viral thiefthis place of robar the telephone cell phone of one woman, denounced a la pareja of the victim violence of gender. These videos appeared in Brazil and quickly spread on the internet, reaching dozens of countries around the world, where hundreds of Internet users congratulated the former criminal for “breaking the patriarchal pact” and exposed the idea that he had hit upon him.

The victim of the robbery was a woman named Laura Zaffari, who was apparently attacked and entered the alleged thief on her cell phone. However, when the aforementioned offender moved in her hands, he decided to unblock it and start looking at the photos and chats of the young girl; Upon reviewing what was in the photo gallery, his son encountered evidence of gender violence, which is why he used Laura’s social networks – which were open on her cell phone – to explain the case.

The woman was evidence of having taken a coup. Photo: special.

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Let’s break the agreement

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The thief encountered threats of domestic violence and reported it to the attacker

In this way, the alleged thief I opted to convert to “justice” and disseminated the conversations and images from which the young people document it violence of the kind that sufría part of his new, a man called Kelvin Machulek. The above criminal shared photographs from which Laura is seen with coups in her body, which have been occasionally mentioned above pareja.

Also, I underwent Laura’s WhatsApp conversations, where she told her friends how she was raped by her again. Since it was all in a short time, the alleged thief shared a conversation between the victim and Kelvin Machulek, in which it was clear that it was not the first time that she had received blows from him. Finally, the “justiciar” decided to label the social circles of Laura’s new son, so that his identity would be highlighted.

The thief exhibited to the attacker. Photo: special.

Internet users welcome us for “breaking the agreement”

Due to the spread of the material, dozens of Internet users made the case go viral and welcomed the alleged thief so don’t ask yourself and spread it violence of the gender that the woman sufría. “She worries me, on the one hand that the man is not a man to report to an abuser, but on the other hand the one who knows how to expose her”; “A thief who broke the patriarchal pact”; and “what good thing I reported to her”, were some of the comments in social circles.

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