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The Supreme Court approves Luis Enrique Orozco as acting governor

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There Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation established his posture before the controversy over the nomination of the interim governor of New Leon, validating the current decision by him Local congressto name Luis Enrique Orozco as the new leader of the executive.

Through a press release, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation took a position in favor of the Congress of New Leoncreating a suspension so that the interim governor appointed by the legislative body to place the cargo, while ratifying the license requested by Samuel Garciawho will compete for the presidency of the Republic.

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Juez revokes the appointment of Luis Enrique Orozco as interim governor

Hay certain dumbre total en NL: Samuel García

“By virtue of the fact that it is a well-known fact that the Congress of New Leon has designated Luis Enrique Orozco Suarez as Interim Governor, the proceeding party is that Local Executive Power any of its dependencies permits the fulfillment of an effective level of position of the citizen named as Interim Governor and guarantees the governance and security of the official for the term of office.

The Supreme Court announced its resolution shortly before the middle. Photo: X / SCJN

“With respect to the suspension, this is otorgó, among other questions, to recognize and dejar to save the facultad of the Local Legislative Power to designate the interim governor of that entity,” the Court reported.

In the document, the magistrados exhort a las local authorities not to continue by nominating new postulates to the local government, with the aim of allowing governance to be restored in New Leon.

Bring Luis Enrique Orozco to the Government Palace

Following the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the recently appointed interim governor, Luis Enrique Orozco, went to the seat of the government of New León to take possession of the cargo.

Orozco desempeñaba as vicefiscal in the entity. Photo: X / José Grimaldo

The neo-Leonese gubernamental seat is looked after by more anti-motine police, those who safeguard the security of the place. It is hoped that, in short moments, Orozco will realize his first public position as governor of New León.

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