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The Senate of the EU demands greater security at the front with Mexico

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WASHINGTON. The Democratic mayor in the Senate was in the hope of one new republican proposal en I go back to there security on the border with Mexico to continue negotiations around a package military aid for Ukraine, Israel and the South China Sea.

“The fate of the world, of Ukraine and Israel, is in play,” said Democrat Chris Murphy, who chairs the National Security Subcommittee of the Senate.

The republican James Lankfordthe main Republican negotiator, indicated that he is willing to negotiate, but noted that it is important to worry about Ukraine and Israel, What is happening on the EU borders is more worrying.

But he is also republican Jihn Cornyn, of Texas, he opined that there is no time to see a “realistic” route that includes the acceptance of the assistance package and the inclusion of some frontal control measures.

Indeed, the danger that the migration issue and that the trafficking of people across the “uncontrolled” border with Mexico is a growing problem of national security is increasingly present in public opinion in the EU.

“To say that this is an absolute crisis is to underestimate it,” said Senator Kirsten Sinema, an independent from Arizona.

“Partisanos have used for a long time the front security cues like a garrote inside,” I said.


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