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The remains of one of the migrants found in the Río Bravo

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The body of one of them migrants who died in the past on December 21st in the mud of Rio Bravo the morning of this Tuesday was rescued on the frontera de MatamorosTamaulipas, with Brownsville, Texas, where the authorities carried out their diligence to ensure the location of both animals.

S authors Locals were informed this morning that today they had to recover the body that was presumed to correspond to one of the two migrants who died in a muddy area. This was done in droves within 500 meters of the place where they both disappeared last week.

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The tragedy occurred last December 21st. PHOTO: Special

Once we heard the news, we were also informed that the body that emerged from the muddy waters was that of Carlos “N” at the moment. migrant originally from Venezuela, or Jackson “N”, originally from Haiti.

How did the migrant tragedy happen?

Until this point we arrive at the elements of the body security and emergence on the side of United States, where they realized the hallazgo and began the manipulations of rescate. It was at this point at which both migrants attempted to cross the Río Bravo, no matter what, instead of waiting for them to be stuck in the mud walled up, to be aware of the reports of testigos.

Both Carlos “N” and Jackson “N” hope to cross the border United States with the aim of requesting asylum from the government of the North American country, without embargo, they ventured into the closed waters of the Río Bravo due to which during their intent to reach the orilla of the American side they encountered with great candor mud y accumulated basura. His immediate reaction was to try to return to Mexican soil, but both were banished and did not return to the truth.

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