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The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, assures that he wanted to matarlo

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To the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandezthey wanted to eat it while I was on board official helicopter between two and three times, the Peronist agent recorded this Sunday two weeks to deliver the cargo to his successor Javier Milei who turned out to be the winner of the election to the right Sergio Massa.

The other Argentine representative reported having received complaints that he was the victim of an attack when he was on board the presidential airship: “While I was president two or three times, while I was traveling on the helicopter of Casa Rosada at (the official residence of) Olivos, I appeared one telescopic sight inside the helicopter”, I told Fernández to the local Perfil.

Alberto Fernández reported the jokes he received. Photo: Archive

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Did this happen to Alberto Fernández?

The episodes related by Alberto Fernández revealed “después” of the failed intent of asesinato in 2022 of his vice-president, Cristina Kirchner, although the agent did not specify the dates. September 1, 2022, Fernando Sabag Montielarmed with a pistol, met with Kirchner supporters near his home Buenos Aires and he fired the weapon several times without detonating shots.

The president said now that the attack was pinpointed “with a laser beamone mirillasomeone who is with a weapon focusing me with the laser on the presidential helicopter”, Alberto Fernández opined:

“I don’t think I wanted to shoot the helicopter. No, what I wanted was that I would get the idea that I had a telescopic sight pointing at the helicopter”: Alberto Fernández.

Alberto Fernández will step down as president on December 10th. Photo: Archive

The salient president assured: “Don’t pass me once, I’ll pass twice, three or four times, and with my care I’ll see it, and we’ll call because we’ll say: ‘We don’t have a problem with this'”. “Have you understood,” he commented to the medium, that the families of politicians “live permanently troubled in social circles or troubled by email or troubled by WhatsApp, permanently,” he said.

Alberto Fernández will become president on the 10th of December when Javier Milei, considered an ultra-Derechista, takes office as president and I say that within his first steps he will be able to add to the Argentine money.

With information from AFP.

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