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The pilgrim in the neighborhoods: Claudia Sheinbaum apoya with social programs

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In Mexico it is estimated that 77% of the population lives in barrios. Generally, in these places they are related to delinquency, violence, poverty and various negative aspects of society. Why do the majority of the population live in these places and why don’t they go back there?

They have currently taken the effort to implement it social programsIn addition to bringing economic benefits to the neighborhoods and communities that have little opportunity, it can be limited to young people, if it limits hope. If you deny her the education and opportunity to rise to any activity, she will therefore be encouraged to follow the example of what her father is doing.

It’s enough to just say the phrase “I’m scared of you” and that’s how it happens with the social program “Young people from the neighborhood” who seeks to toast herramientas and apoyos, contributing to the equity and social inclusion of young people offering skills for life and continuity in school.

In the podcast Sheinboomthe Dra. Claudia Sheinbaum I met in Dulce and Néstor, where the young beneficiaries of the program explained how this social program has changed their landscape and how it has had a positive impact on their lives as well as on those of their favorite evenings.

Dulce y Néstor, beneficiaries of the program
Photo: YouTube

On the one hand, Néstor reports that he was caught up in a period of his life; He is currently a boxing practitioner and teacher, he may have mentioned that he always felt inspired, but he never met the apoyo. Sweet also mention that for a long period of her life she was alone and thanks to the program she met the family she needed.


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