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The number of massacre deaths in Sonora is now at 8

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By the end of this Saturday, the people most likely to suffer serious injuries in the city would fall. massacre the witch’s death occurred at a 15-year-old celebration in Ciudad Obregón, Soundwith which I suffered the number of fatal victims.

It is a woman aged 52 years old and a young man aged 24 years, who were being attended to in the hospital of the IMSS-Bienestar of Ciudad Obregón and who from the moment they were reported to be in a delicate state, without embargo, they did not overcome the suffered injuries .

A 52-year-old woman and a 24-year-old young woman died. Photo: Special

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Alfonso Durazo confirms detention of four people implicated in the Sonoran massacre

They ask a woman in Sonora and abandon her corpse with torture marks, in a terrace fireplace

With this one would be fatal victims, four men and four women, among the two younger ones of the day, and these moments are a balance of 24 personas heridas. It may even be the case that even these people report that these moments are stable but delicate.

Bonded but not by murder

Por su parte, la Fiscalía de Sonora informed that the four detained persons directly related to this attack were bound to trial and placed in preventive detention while the corresponding crimes were carried out.

The four people were identified as Jesús Armando “N”, Jesús Antonio “N”, José Fernando “N” and Jesús Armando “N” (homonym), and met in the pose of assault rifles, drugs, tactical equipment and the vehicle which was used during the invasion of the Viennese in the Cajeme colony.

The four were prosecuted for crimes committed against the safety of the community. Photo: Special

The four were prosecuted for the crimes of an attacker against the safety of the community, possession of a stolen vehicle, drug trafficking and criminal association, whereby the judicial system resolved the right to prosecution, requiring justifiable preventive detention.

The Tax Office has established that these suspects are related to the armed attack in which these people lost their lives, so that in a second phase of the process the corresponding actions will be taken to determine responsibility and, at that moment, to accuse them as well crimes of murder and attempted murder, once it is time to integrate the crime with the expert dictámenes and the same diligence.


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