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The November megapuente is coming, SEP confirms those who do not have classes on the 17th

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One of the most frequent questions dear to me day of November 20thfor the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, it is known classes come November 17th. Fathers and mothers of the family are told that they will tend to go to the schools of the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) to your children the next day, this day may be marked in the school calendar as an administrative download, so that the teachers take over the rating system.

Ahead of this many doubts, the only public holiday is Monday 20th November, the official date of the 2023-2024 school cycle calendar and also it is an official public holiday for workers from public and private companies not to tend to work and not be able to do so enjoy a three day bridge.

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SEP: When do the winter holidays begin and when do students go to classes in 2024?

When you come to SEP mini-puentes in November, you will only have three days of classes in a week

Would you like to go to classes on November 17th?

School calendar for the 2023-2024 cycle. Photo: SEP

The SEP is established on its school calendar that on November 17th the administrative deadline comes to an end, as we say is the time when teachers take over the qualifications, so some schools opt to give it to teachers, but Hey, this doesn’t apply to all schools.

The decision whether to have classes or not Comes November 17th corresponds directly to each school direction. A teacher consulted by the Herald of Mexico, explained to us that in the public schools of pre-school, primary and secondary levels, teachers and teachers have generally had classes in the public schools, incorporated into the National Educational System.

  • There will be no classes in public schools unless the management decides
  • There will be classes in private schools
Students from public schools will tend to attend classes. Photo: Cuartoscuro

It’s a week of two kids, you only have 3 days of classes

The class week from Monday 20th to June 24th will be a “short week” of only three class days, since Monday is an official holiday and there will be no classes, so the last day of November is the 24th because of which suspend school activities due to the Consejo Técnico Escolar. There will be two mini-puentes in the same week. If you suspend school activities in the following way:

Monday 20th November, Revolutionary Anniversary, there will be no classes on the following days:

  • Viernes 17
  • Saturday 18th
  • Sunday 19
  • Monday 20th

On November 24th, meeting of the Technical Education Council, there will be no classes on the days:

  • Viernes 24
  • Saturday 25th
  • Sunday 26

There SEP God knows that in this period the assessment bulletins corresponding to the first evaluation period will be from 17th to 30th November, but before this there will be two mini-points, so in the same week classes will be suspended twice, giving way to one week short only three effective days of classes.

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