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The narco who saved the prison of a vice president who will be the “favorite” when he is president

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Jorge Glas was el vice president de Ecuador from May 24, 2013 to Black 6, 2018, but was accused of corruption to be bound by the case of the Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht. Having been sentenced and spending four years in prison, I transcended what the politician received ayuda of a leader narcotraficant so that you will be exempted.

De acuerdo with the fiscal general of Ecuador, Diana SalazarJorge Glas, who was convicted of corruption, but was granted parole from 2022, was released from prison thanks to the help he received from the Ecuadorian narco Leandro Noreroaka “El Patrón”, signaled the operator in the interview for the local television channel open to Teleamazonas.

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“La Pelirroja”, accused of kidnapping and extortion and victim of drug trafficking for “breaking the codes”

To dedicate himself to the huachicol to traffic drugs: this is how one of the cartels that operates in Guanajuato arose

The prison of Latacunga where the narco died. Photo: Special

Fiscal Salazar confirmed that they had carried out an investigation that revealed the infiltration of the crime organized in the Ecuadorian judicial system, where “El Patrón” (before last asesinado) was born with 250 million dollars to the judicial officials of that country, I replaced the fiscal general.

Why did the Patrón help Jorge Glas?

Following the investigation, in one of the extra cell phone conversations linked to the boss Leandro Norero, he asked her to say that this payment is a “favor” and that they would “cook it when Señor Jorge Glas is president,” stated Diana Zalazar during I interviewed her.

The investigation that discovered the probable connection between “The Patrón” with ex-vice president Jorge Glas is covered by the nickname “Metastasis Case” considered by its own authorities in Ecuador as the major operation against corruption and drug trafficking.

“El Patrón” lasted between 34 and 36 years when he was put in prison. Photo: Policía Ecuador

The operation has currently led to less than 31 judicial officials, including police officers and criminals, from which the figure of Wilman Teránwho was the owner of the body that supervises the plays in the country, as well as the general Pablo Ramírezwho was head of the Anti-Narcotics Policy of Ecuador.

All of them are reported to be part of the nomination of “El Patrón” to protect him. For Salazar’s tax bill, Jorge Glas’s situation “keeps being resolved in the courts, not in the embattled ones”, meaning that the ex-vice president is lodged in the embajada of Mexico and Ecuador where he found himself political asylum.

“El Patrón” faced a poor situation Guayaquil When he was a child and when he was between 34 and 36 years old, he was one of the fatal victims during detention in the Latacunga prison in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. He was considered a dangerous narco jefe who had ties to a Mexican cartel based in Jalisco.


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