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The narco who got lucky with politicians, faked his death with a funeral but had a tragic ending with his wife

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Magdaleno Meza Fúnez he was one of them drug traffickers with more power and influence Honduras given that I held some relationships in the higher spheres of politics with the above search that you were with Juan AntonioTonyHernandez who was hermano del entonces president Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Magdaleno actually called it Nery Orlando López Sanabria and during my time as a drug addict I can establish a strong relationship with Juan Antonio Hernandez Having become the hand of the president of Honduras, he was the deputy of the nation, a situation that helped boost Magdaleno Meza’s criminal career.

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At the Pozo I was taken Magdaleno Meza from where it was acrid. Photo: BBC / Cortesía

The “narcolibretas” who bound Magdaleno with politics

When Magdaleno Meza was arrested, the police encountered their pertinences.”narcolibretas“where are various written texts addressed to pseudonyms identified as “Tony” y “JOH” which was reported by authorities such as the acronyms of Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández and President Juan Antonio Hernández.

While Magdaleno Halfway was imprisoned, he stated that he was afraid of his life. In respecto, on abogado Omar Dubón he stated that he had requested the transfer of his client to another penal centre. “They told me (to Meza) that they would move him to a battle if he forgot the versions of the narcobooks … I want to see that the narcobooks don’t exist,” he declared in October 2019 on the Honduran Radio America.

When he was stopped on his way to the penitentiary center, Magdaleno Meza attempted escape de la carcel at least on three occasions, but without success. One of them was part of the forgery of liberation papers both for her and for her wife Ericka Julissa Bandy which was also taken.

The tragic ending of Magdaleno Meza and his wife

Inside the prison of maximum security El Pozol, the narco is identified through various medical citations to ensure that he does not have any type of complication in his health so that he will be caught in the hands of his fellow narcos. He also attempted to copy the method of “ChapoGuzman across a narcotunnelbut it was discovered by the police.

Ericka Julissa Bandy, the wife of Magdaleno Meza was also married. Photo: Archive

On the day of the prison of Magdaleno Meza, the chief was with other inmates in one of the modules while talking with the director of the penal system to prevent visits to the exterior that were suspended due to incidents recorded in previous days, when a group of prisoners was ready I went to the place to attach to the head.

In the group of armed men, one of them with a pistol disappeared in the middle of Magdaleno while the second attacked him with various blows when he was wounded. So the death of the narco was official after his capture, he pretended to die and had to organize a funeral to give credibility to his story.

Ericka Julissa Bandy, the wife of Magdaleno, was released for a few years in prison; without embargo, she was emboscada inside one panaderia by a hitman who manhandled her when he showed off his high-caliber weapon before he attacked her.

When Ericka Julissa Bandy just left a monster, the two hitmen chased her; She, with an instinct of protection, went to a third lady and to deal with her husband’s husband. Without embargo, the assassin raised her scope and disappeared directly into the woman’s darling to assine her.

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