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The name of Omar Fayad as ambassador of Norway advances another step

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With 18 votes in favor, the Senate approved the suitability of former member Omar Fayad Meneses as Mexico’s ambassador to the committee. Noruega. The former governor of Hidalgo I recognized that I have no merit in being an ambassador, but I clarified that my postulation is not a reward for favors from the federal government.

To compare in the commissions of External Relations and External European UnionFayad Meneses welcomed the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador for your postulation as embajador.

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AMLO recognizes Fayad’s name as ambassador in Norway for “humanist”

We will be looking for state officials, local officials and senators to run for office in the country

“I consider that I have no merit to be an ambassador. I have experience because I have worked for many years in the public service and I have the opportunity to work in international issues”, I say.

This is the answer to the senator for him PRI y exmorenista, Cecilia Sanchezwho made sure that for the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador The issue of diplomacy is not a priority and it will be seen as a bridge of understanding between the nations. “These items have been converted by President López Obrador into an exchange coin,” he said.

He indicated that some people still believe that Norway and other northern countries are socialist, but he clarified that this is not certain.
Fayad Menses aims to use diplomacy as an instrument to convey information and benefits to our country.
“We have in the case of Norway a nation of success that has held many favorable conditions,” he indicated.

Morena and aliases consiguen mayoría to validate the dictamen

The proposal of the federal executive was made by the opposition, however Moraine and also hicieron mayoría to validate the dictamen that will be raised to Full de la High room on the next few days.

Last month President López Obrador proposed to Omar Fayad as Mexico’s ambassador to Norway.

“Using the faculties granted to you by Section III of Article 89 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic has been able to designate Chief Omar Fayad Meneses, Ambassador Extraordinario y Plenipotenciario de México in the Kingdom of Norway. Consequently, I would much appreciate your kind conduct to solicit the ratification of the H. Senate of the República to the nomination”, indicates the document signed by the owner of the Secretaría de Relaciones Externales, Alicia Bárcena Ibarra.

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