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The Mexican National Team celebrates 100 years giving football to its fans

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The Mexican National Team celebrates 100 years of its debut as a national team. In 1923, in Spain Parkthe history of the Tricolor began, when it faced Guatemala, in the first of three friendlies.

On December 4 of that year, the Mexican Soccer Federationborn a year earlier, called up 13 players from the country who shaped the team, to discard a previous initiative that included foreigners.

The reason why the selection was formed was to pay the invitation to play in Guatemalathat on January 1st of that year, received a Mexican representative to face him in his land, but it was America as a delegate, and not a formal election of the best Mexicans.

“As a team, it was in December 1923 for those friendlies, directed by Adolfo Frías Beltrán,” historian Héctor Hernández told El Heraldo de México. “There were no tournaments in those years. The first time that Mexico has an official match was at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games.”

For that Sunday, December 9, the Department of Physical Education, the highest sports authority in the country, ordered that the team play in green, with black shorts and the national coat of arms. The score ended 2-1, with goals from Mario Guadarrama and Adeodato López.

The Tricolor reaches 100 years generating hopes and frustrations: with the quarterfinals as the best performance in the World Cup, and a Confederations Cup as the only FIFA trophy in its showcases; between naturalized controversies and with other Concacaf teams bridging the gap.

“It is extremely satisfying to play in a World Cup with my country. I always look forward to doing it in international tournaments. It was a source of pride, distinction, giving everything for the green shirt. You must be aware that you represent a country. “It’s breaking your soul,” said Fernando Quirarte, selected in 1986.


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