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The man tries to coup his wife in the hair of his cat

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An 84 year old man was reported for committing coups against his peers in Pennsylvania, United States. Is it the reason? Presumably tuvieron one discussion because of that woman Named Margaret Seltmann spent a lot of money in her medical care gato.

Wait for the moment, the current authorities have started one investigation just in case. However, I would like to point out that the same man was called Barton Seltmannwho reported that he had an “unconscious woman” in his house, when in reality he had no vital signs.

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Magdalena was found in life in a refrigerator, as a femicide she was sentenced to prison at the age of 55

Fernanda “Polly” Olivares spent 75 years in prison as a femicide

How did I look at these people?

The autopsy determined that Margaret suffered from injuries due to her pregnancy. Credits: Pexels/archive.

The unfortunates found themselves in a home located in Lower Pottsgrove Township. And it is assumed that everyone looks like one pelea which was intensifying. Follow the diary Daily Mail, every time the woman took a cuchillo, pumped a saddle, caused her wife to fall to the floor and hit herself in the head.

At the entrance, the man called to the authorities to report to the woman I was unconscious, but when the police arrived at the site of them, they found themselves alive. The first hallazgos that the scene was that the victim was shot on various occasions and the autopsy determined that Margaret failure due to those who suffered grave injuries.

The man hasn’t seen the cuchillo

The man made sure that he had not seen that he had a cuchillo in his hand. Credits: Pexels/archive.

It is important to point out that some informants have found out what it is hombre That attack ensured that the detectives were sure that they had not seen the cuchillo that they thought they were trying to do. woman in the hand. However, he also hit her on various occasions in the head.

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