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The last moments of Obada Abd Rabbo, the young Syrian who suffered from the war and died in the United Kingdom

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The past 14 of black, the Europe Press news agency, confirmed that four migrants landed in France during an attempt to reach the United Kingdom across the Canal de la Mancha. The accident occurred around 01.00 in the morning, look for a playa de Wimereux, in Paso de Calais.

According to the reports of the authorities, the migrants jumped into the water to reach a boat with dozens of people on board who were about to leave, at an average ambient temperature of only 4ºC. The migratory route of Canal de la Mancha is one of the most dangerous, especially in winter, when the waters usually freeze and reach the point of freezing, add them to the strong seas and the inclement weather.

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As reported to ‘La Voix du Nord’ by the leader of the rescue operations, Nicolas Leclet, the culprits have been identified as “four young adult nationals of Syria and Iraq”. Another migrant is resuscitated after undergoing a cardiorespiratory treatment.

I decided to go to United Kingdom to see my brother and go to a football game
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One of the culprits was a Syrian boy named Obada Abd Rabbo

Following the passage of days, the victims were identified, one of them like Obada Abd Rabbo, who with only 14 years old was born to try to cross the Kingdom alone to reunite with his brother mayor. I wanted him to end the conflict in Syria and reunite with his family.

Nada Rabbo, Herman de Obada spoke to the BBC and made sure he felt confident in convincing his husband to deal with cruising the Canal de la Mancha, where he also killed his brother Ayser. Please note that it was not the first occasion that they attempted to cross Europe, on previous occasions they were stopped for the criminal groups in the area.

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The brother who resided in England will be born in Syria in 2022 for two reasons: to study Laws at the University of Damascus and avoid being recruited by the Army of their native place. The fathers of the hermanos if they have abstained from traveling due to health conditions.

What was the travesty of Obada Abd Rabbo?

The rescue services acabaron intercepting the bottle, which transported 71 migrants, among them a dozen small children who were transported to the Ayuntamiento to receive immediate medical attention. But before that tragedy, Obada ya had experienced it in his own flesh wide path of migration.

In October 2023, the soldiers attempted to cross the Mediterranean on a smuggler’s boat but were captured and detained in Tunez before being returned to Libya. Two months later, they attempted it again, and were rescued by a coastguard and taken to Lampedusa. From there they were taken to Italy, whence they boarded a train with destiny to Paris.

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