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The largest iceberg in the world “escaped” the Antártida and headed for the open ocean. What are the risks?

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El largest iceberg in the world surprised and made an impact on the scientific community, where he discovered and embarked on a journey across the ocean, beyond Antártida. The specialists are atónito before the risk that this movement implies, and that they could draw severe consequences for the inhabitants of different continents.

According to the scientific report, the iceberg – called A23a – escaped from the Southern Peninsula after 30 years. Apparently, the movement was prompted by the fierce winds and runners who have been registering in the area. Experts advise that regarding the cruelty that this movement represents, that the blockade of heaven is often part of the city of New York.

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If confirmed the least expected news about Antártida, follow studies

A large iceberg separated from the coast of Antártica, is it dangerous?

It represents an amenity for society. Photo: special.

Where does the largest iceberg in the world go?

In comparison with the City of Mexico, el iceberg It is little bigger than the Mexican capital. This situation surprised the scientific community, due to the fact that it was an unusual situation. The glacier of the British Antarctic SurveyOliver Marsh, detailed that it is not normal to see a block of sky of a billon of thunder moving across the ocean.

The specialists point out that the most probable thing is that it is iceberg The second route begins with the Antarctic Circumpolar Corridor, until it finally reaches the Antarctic Ocean, where it will form part of the “iceberg trail”, which is located on the eastern coast of Canada and the north of the United States.

The largest iceberg in the world is headed for the Arctic Ocean. Photo: special.

What are the risks that the largest iceberg in the world draws on?

However, scientists fear that the movement of the A23A could have serious consequences, and that it could head to the island, South Georgia, which could endanger the flora and fauna, affecting thousands of fish, penguins and marine birds. , species that enter the area and feed on the species that live in the water.

“An iceberg of this size can survive for a long time in the ocean Antarctic“Given that it is much warmer, the path to the north could open towards South Africa, where it could disturb maritime traffic”, explained glaciologist Oliver Marsh.

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