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The killer was lured by the murder of 2 workers, killed by the hands of the victims’ companions

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A man, accused of asking two people workers of a yard of construction materials, he lost his life in Cancún, the place where he was laid by a group of people. After checking with local media, the item entered the building to start up, but ended up leaving two employees; companions de las victims they decided to do justice by their own hands and shot the alleged thief, leaving him hospitalized.

According to reports on the case, at the end of the week, the alleged thief entered the Maranata materials store – located on Centenario Avenue – with the intention of attacking the workers. However, during the ordeal the workers were asesinated, which aroused the fury of the other employees.

The policy is to save the alleged thief. Photo: special.

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What if you know about the case?

In the aftermath, the furious thieves attacked the supreme thief, who was identified as Juan Carlos, and began to hit him. Instead of those elements of the policy arriving, the things they detuvieron the paliza and they recovered from the injury, who had serious injuries.

The man, accused of robberies and murders, was taken to a local hospital, where he remained hospitalized for several hours. However, the hospital authorities will let you know what the problem is no overlived to his injuries and he lost his life as a result of the blow he received.

He died in the hospital after the coup. Photo: pixabay.

Are you detained?

A woman, who said she was Juan Carlos’s wife, recognized the man’s body and knew that her sobrino was a breadmaker and that on the day of those years a truckload of bread was stuffed, which was seen wandering through the warehouse of materials . So far, the authorities have not confirmed whether the foul had criminal precedents, but we hope that in the next few hours more information about the case will come to light.

In the same way, the causes are unknown for these reasons murieron los workers of the material storage, but their companions report to Juan Carlos as responsible. For now, the police have not informed of detentions related to these violent men.

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