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The Islamic State reclaims the attack in Iran who died 84 years ago

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The group Islamic State I revindicó este jueves the authority of the miracle attack in the south of Iran with the balance of 84 deaths, following the last balance settled by the Iranian authorities. There organisation Yihadist He assured on his Telegram channels that some of his members “activated their explosive belt” in the midst of “a great multitude of apóstatas, looking for the tomb of his leader Qasem Soleimani ayer in Kerman, in the south of Iran“.

The IRNA state agency, starting from “a source of information”, has indicated that the first explosion I was provoked by a suicide bomber, who encountered three men on their bodies. The second explosion is under investigation, but was also probably due to a suicidal attacker, according to IRNA.

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Attack in Iran: less than 103 deaths between explosions when commemorating an asesinated general

Top Hamas leader dies in Israeli bombardment

Iran has a low balance of fatalities from attacks in Kerman

195 of the healers remain hospitalized. PHOTO: AFP

I have said that there were 95 deaths and 181 deaths, Tehran undermined the balance of deadly victims. “After the latest statistics, 84 people died,” announced the country’s emergency services director, Jafar Miadfar, on summer television.

El attempted from “284 patients”, from the “195 consecutive hospitalized patients”, added Miadfar. Previstos para el viernes, los public funerals de las victims “If they have suspended the decision” of the authorities and only their family members will be able to participate, said the governor of Kerman.

El attempted – two explosions with an interval of 15 minutes – are produced near the Saheb al Zaman mezquita in Kermán (sur), where the tomb of General Qasem Soleimani, responsible for Iranian military operations in the Middle East, is located, assinated by United States in Iraq on January 3, 2020. The bombs were dropped when a multitude commemorated the fourth anniversary of his death.

Some readers find themselves in a “critical state”

Tehran decreed this game a “national duel day”, the bloodiest attack in the country since 1978. PHOTO: AFP

The Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, warned that the balance could further increase, as some people find themselves in a “critical state”.

El ataque produced in full tension in the Middle East and a day after the number of two of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamás, Saleh Al Aruri, aka Iranwalled in an ataque in Beirut, which the Lebanese authorities attributed to Israel.

Tehran decreed these games a “national duel day”, tras el attempted more bloodshed in the country since 1978, when a criminal fire caused at least 377 deaths in a cinema in Abadán (southeast), according to the archives of the AFP. The supreme leader of IranAyatol Ali Jamenei promised a “hard response” and other Iranian leaders accused Israel and the United States.

The state agency IRNA reported that the first explosion was caused by a suicide bomber. PHOTO: AFP

The Jewish state, archenemy of Iranno if pronounced above it attempted and he stated “to be concentrated on the combats” in Gaza. The UN Security Council “firmly condemned the cowardice of ataque terrorist“.

With information from AFP

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