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The International Globo Festival 2023 gives incredible views to hundreds of fans

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This morning, November 17, 2022, the Festival took place Globo International In Guanajuato, a total of 200 creations from 23 countries were inflated and dedicated to the delight of the pupils of hundreds of people who were named in the terrain where they will camp, will see concerts, among other activities.

One of the imposing globes belongs to the Heraldo Media Group, recognizable by its combination of green, black, white and blue colours, alongside the characteristic logo. Off to the side four days de Festival could be visible to the sea in the sky, or on the ground, always offering a highly impressive view, worthy of a photography instagramable.

Danna Paola will give her rhythm to the sail of this Sunday. Credit: El Heraldo de México

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The International Globo Festival 2023 in Guanajuato trundles along with marvelous views

El scenario principal tuvo as invited guests to the Symphony Orchestra y Coro de la Sedena, as well as the Band los Recoditos. Others invited and invited were there Sonora ReinaLey de Tercios, Noveno PortalThe sin of Afrodita, MomentumGreece Campos y el Folk ensemble de la Sedena.

On Saturday the 18th there was a spectacular magical night at 7pm, where the guests were witnessed by a veil with musicsoft lights and all globos inflados, though anclados on the ground for more appreciation. The FIG aerodrome was transformed into a frankly romantic scenario.

The invited guests of the day arrived from the city of New York in the United States. It was about the duo The Chainsmokerscompuesto por Andrew Taggart y por Alex Pall. They also learned about bands like Sesgo, Luis Martell, Timmy Trumpet, XS Club, Los Fibos and Burak Yeter.

Ozuna is one of the special guests of the Sunday. Credit: Facebook / FIGLeon

This Sunday is the third day of activities, like all those who are part of the exhibition, at 6:30 in the morning, at the end of the morning, the globes floated all over the sky, and were accompanied by the conjunto de violins de la Secretary of National Defense (Sedena).

But there was also one show, which was the end of the show Zeppelin, which unlike aerostatic globes, are rigid dirigibles that come with a motor that allows them to take off. They also went through the scenario Folk dance group Mitiotian.

Danna Paola and Ozuna will host the party in Guanajuato

Throughout the day you can enjoy the shows Troubadours of CumbiaInda Midland, Rosses, JorjoErika Salazar, De Cuba Sonand in the magical night they will be Damn Paola with all the power of his pop, Ozuna that will cheer up Perreo’s environment, as well as Tony’s and his particular punk rock.

On Monday 20th the festival will host a final demonstration of globes. Credit: Facebook / FIGLeon

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It will be the day Mondays 20 of November when the activity stops. The day will fill with the heat and the despatch of the globes at the point of 6:30 in the morning, and it will repeat the violin session until 8:30. Also, it will be the last day it is available EXPO SEDENA “200 years of Honor and Loyalty”. They will celebrate the bandas party as well Stone Angelsy Rank 45 with on Nortecno.

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