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The INAI foresees the intervention of the SCJN to stop the name of the commissions

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Tras el rechazo del Senate to the ternas of the INAI to define the new commissions, none of the propuestas reunited the majority required for the next nominations. He was the mayor of Moraine which prevented the progress of this process, so that the period will end on December 15th. So much, Miguel Ángel Mancera It was signaled that the Moorish legislators returned to the desacato to the order for the judgment of the cause over the amparo juicios against the High Chamber for the sake of the nombramientos.

Above all, Norma Julieta del Río, commissioned by the INAIconversed with Mario Maldonado about the broadcast of Daily News on Herald Televisión, where he pointed out that it is regrettable that the upper chamber has not been able to gain a consensus to elect new members.

Norma Julieta del Río prepares acercamiento with the Court ante falta de nombramientos

“I don’t want to think badly, but I don’t have consensus, when we turn to serve when at least six of us, once we’re in the world, we don’t see each other when we’re 6, we’ll look for four people to join”, he lamented.

He explained that the members of the committee kept coming to the ministers of the country Judicial Power To define which are the options that can be taken up, always and when they apply to the scope of your faculties. He agreed that any decision requires plurality within the organism, and noted that counting with 6 members is the ideal figure.

Norma Julieta del Río plans to discuss with the ministers in the event that no one is elected on December 15th
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He noticed that his intentions were focused on the re-engineering of the INAI, and enlisted the advances that had been presented in the organization of transparency.

He ensured that various directions of enlacement were carried out to be able to fulfill the required requirements and demonstrated willingness to continue with the corresponding investigations.

Furthermore, I confessed that I have numerous questions regarding what happens in the institute, so I did not reject the option of being given to an auditor, both for it and for the internal mechanism. He indicated that these auditors will aim to identify irregularities, thus avoiding responsibilities. He added that if nothing happens in respect, it is a way of showing that someone is an accomplice.

“If we don’t dare, we will calm down with the ministers, in the context of our faculties, but we will be dependent on the ministers, because we do not have anything to do with ours, the ministers will give this order, and if we are fulfilling it”, he assured.

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