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The five most cheated and nutritious fish to eat this Cuaresma, recommended by Profeco

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Next February 14th, also to celebrate the day of love and friendship, will begin the Cuaresma 2024, a Catholic tradition that celebrates thousands of people in the country. It is a period of time in which believers of the Catholic religion practice the abstinence de comer red meatsthis is until the finalization Holy Weekthis year will be March 24th to 30th.

Derived from this Catholic celebration, thousands of galls are prepared to dejar the red meats and consume them fished, a nutritional alternative that serves as a source of protein and also has low calorie content and little saturated fat. However, during the Cuaresma season these products will be available suffer de precio due to the high demand that is generated.

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Fish is a nutritional food with a low calorie content. Photo: freepik.

What are the five most cheated catches?

In this context, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Prophetic) God to know that you have arranged the Operational Verification and Vigilancia Cuaresma 2024, which has as an objective to verify the prices of fish and seafoodwith the aim of presenting them to the Mexicans alternatives more economics and nutritive.

He was the Federal Consumer Prosecutor, David Aguilar Romero, who advised believers buy fish where the price varies between 60 and 100 pesos. Some alternatives that do not reduce this cost, according to the official, are:

  • Fishing Lisa.
  • Fisheries Jurel.
  • Mojarra.
  • Curvina.
Profeco recommends buying five different types of fish. Photo: freepik.

Recomiendan review “Here is here in the prices”

The authorities also urged citizens to constantly review “Here is here in the prices“, where the costs of the products are shared Prophetic I also commented that inspections will be carried out at the sales points to ensure that the retailers respect the prices and do not sell them fished more dear.

Likewise, it is recommended that people buy in stores that require calibration verification of the shotguns, which should have a “Sello Amarillo” holograma.

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