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The first Mexican flag is hidden in the mountains of Norway and this is the reason

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It seems impossible in these times to know that there is a place in the world I consider myself as the safest on earth. A place where it is not possible to connect with so much easeMuch less can you keep yourself during various hours, you won’t have to worry about all or various days. Mexico tested it and looked at some objects in this place called the Arctic World Archive.

Where is the World Archive of the Arctic and why do you look at the Mexican flag?

The Arctic World Archive (AWA), is located on the island of Spitsbergen, on the island archipiélago de Svalard which belongs to the country of Noruega; in this place, within a head frozen ground permanently, they find the greatest treasures of humanity, acquired through their own internet site.

El Youtuber
Mario Rueda lives in this place. Credit: Instagram / mizter_rad

Following reading:

Exhibit the first writings of Francisco Toledo in the Cenart

This was the first community from which the New Fire of the Aztecs shone

If you consider that this is the site more sure of all the items worlddue to the fact that he enjoys a geographical landscape that does not cover the whole world, as well as the temperatures that bind him to -3 degrees Celsius throughout the year. In addition to the fact that your data must be preserved for a longer time, it will be impossible for them to roben or who have a accident.

What does Mexico look like on this remote island?

Inside this place are historical manuscripts from all over the world, of many epics and which look at the history of innumerables culturasinclude the mexicanawell, the first one remains national flag. Also look at all the ganadoras works of the Nobel prize; There is contemporary art, as is the largest reserve of seeds in the world, in the event that a misfortune occurs with humanity.

There are visits to the place. Credit: Facebook official

By reading the official page, this is where you will find it Constitución de la Federación Mexicanael Acta of Independence of the Mexican Empire, fragments of the book “Chronicles of Michoacán in 1552”, historical maps, discussions and illustrations. Obviously the first mention stands out bandera from Mexico.

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