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The first baby of 2024 was born in the IMSS, and the meaning of his name could be a good omen for Mexico

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El Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) God to know in a short message and some photographs, the birth of the first baby of the year 2024. In the midst of the euphoria for the reception of the new year, between rituals of good healthof money, of love or of travel, a new life led to the Mexican territory.

The first Mexican baby of 2024 was born in the IMSS and this is his name

If it’s about Mario Elian, read with the official Instagram of the institution. It is a baby of two kilos with 750 grams, and a height of 48 centimeters. He was born there Hospital de Gineco Obstetricia number 60, located in the municipality of Tlalnepantlain the Mexican state.

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It is one of the most important hospitals in the country; data from their institution indicate that within their clinics and rooms they provide a remedy of eye and new lights diaries. the certificate is valid for you Hospital Amigo del Niño y de la Madre at national level.

“The fact that my baby is the first birth of 2024, without a doubt it is a unique experience that I never imagined would happen, I believe that my baby is closer and we want to record it”, were the words of his mother, the lady Karen Denisse Tobias.

In this room, with Lady Karen, there are a total of 7 specialists. It was a cesarean birth, you need to make sure that the baby is in perfect health, so that it is detected that he was feeling sick, or in pelvic presentation, as is usually said in the medical jar.

Mario Elian is the name chosen by his mother, if she was the firstborn. Credit: IMSS

What does the name of the first baby of 2023 mean?

From understanding the etymology of the name, a first rama could come from the Roman deity “Mars“, el Gods of war; but other meaning could come from the Jewish name Mariaas I say, “The elect of God“, although it would not be possible to mirror the election for which it was praised by his mother.

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On the other hand, you can find some meanings for the name “Elian“, the same thing that came from the griego “Helio”, it is said, a reference to the Gods of the Suninterpreted as “Luz“, “Resplandor” or “el Rey de la Luz“. The name can be used by men or women.

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