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The famous YouTuber Yulay witnesses the arrest of a donkey in a series on the Edomex

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In the June month of 2023, some of them were asked to go to a application taxi driver in the streets of the San Lucas Pastoni colony, of the town hall Tlalnepantla de Baz, en el State of Mexico. The story lasted approximately 30 years tendido in the streets, and the old people alerted to her policy. Yulay, famous YouTuber, was the witness of the detention.

When they received the emergency services, they were told about the loss of signos vitales by the conductor. In the area there are the specialized services Tax General of Justice of the Mexican State to carry out the first actions investigationsplease remember the body for the corresponding exams.

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Yulay walks the streets with police. Credit: YouTube / Yulay

Yulay accompanies an intelligence brigade that searches for an alleged ass, as he was the operative

The work of intelligence culminated with the detention of three people; This apprehension was fully documented by the YouTuber Yulay, during episode 24 of the series “Chico malo“, from where he travels the streets of the country towards the local police, with the aim of actually looking for work against crime.

The detention took place the same day until late at night. The intelligence brigade met him inside a hotel called La Hacienda, but they only met him at two accomplices of the successes, a man and a woman who were quienes secured and keys at your disposal authors.

In the work that involved Yulay in documenting this detention, it can be seen that officers positioned themselves at the redoubt of the area to prevent them from escaping through the techos of the German constructions. A small number of police officers were those who entered there habitation and hicieron there detention of two people.

These were the three detainees. Credit: SSPC

Cayeron three people, supposedly responsible for the asesinato of a chofer

For the night, they moved to another point of the same colony, whence they entered with a tactical ram, and they met both with the herman and with the cuñada. In the first instance, they made sure that the device was no longer alive, so they were forced to call by phone, and discovered that the device was still inside.

After a detailed search, I said with the sauce, I need a pair of colchones and the base of a cama de fierro. Immediately the hicieron will go up the street detained. Even though they tried to get the weapon with the weapon that committed the crime, it was not possible to locate it, but the man was placed at their disposal authors.

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On the way, a glimpse of Yulay revealed that supposedly the other arrested men had convinced him to go with them on the road and take care of checking the suit of the person they were attacking; However, he is reported to be the intellectual author of the asesinate of the chofer. This he denied it roundly.

The detainees were transferred to the Tlalnepantla penal system. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Here were the people detained, “La Flaca”, “El Kiki” and “El Chino” cayeron in Tlalnepantla

The Secretaría de Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana confirmed the detention of Ana Karen “N”, alias “La Flaca”; José Antonio “N”, alias “El Chino”, y Manuel Enrique “N”, alias “El Kiki”. They were charged for the alleged asesinato and robo against the taxi driver Víctor Javier “N”. Surely they boarded it, took it to another place, and attempted robar sus cell phones y money.

All detainees were transferred to the Penitentiary Centre y de Reinserción Social de Tlalnepantla, strictly limited to human rights. Participaron in the operation Tax Homicide Specialist Valle de Toluca “Grupo Tlalnepantla”, y Central de Atención Specializada de la General Tax of Justice of the State of Mexico, as well as the Comisión para la Atención del Crimeto de Homicide.

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