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The extraño pajaro mitad man and mitad seems that he was signed in Colombia

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A group of investigators met in the city of Caldas, in the Natural Demonstrative Reserve of Colombia10 kilometers from the city ManizalesWhen a sylvan green pájaro immediately grabbed his attention, the dark side of her had a green plumage characteristic of the limbs of that species and on the right side the blue plumage predominated, something peculiar to males.

A study recently published by the magazine Journal of Field OrnithologyDespite the fact that it extends through central and southern America, it has a species with sexual dimorphism, it is clear that normally men and women have a marked variation in colour, shape and size.

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It is probable that the majority of observers have lived their entire lives without a gynandromorph, according to the specialists. PHOTO X: @lucho2680

An ave with bilateral gynandromorphia

The specialists of this species point out that they have clear indications of it Bilateral gynandromorphyThere, it is clear that they have different characteristics of both sexes and in theory, they could be reproduced with any of them.

This type of organism can also occur in distinct animals, such as insects, crustaceans and lagartos, it is also believed that in them there occurs an error that occurs during cell division in the fertilized egg of an egg, and which allows this egg to occur desarrolle the nuclei which are subsequently fertilized by two distinct spermatozoids.

The genitals of this green honey cannot be identified, but it is believed that it has passed through others that this species contains an ovary on the left side and a testicle on the right side.

This hallazgo is the second example of gynandromorphism that has been recorded in the species for more than 100 years. PHOTO. X @lucho2680

It has been under observation for 21 months

En la Reserva Natural Demonstrativa where this animal was hailed by the ornithologist John MurilloIt is noted that this species has been observed for 21 months on this site where they have an area where they can be kept and can be observed.

The Colombian indicated that this honey was present for less than 21 months, and his behavior coincided in great measure with the other wild C. spiza, even though he was hoping that they were to feed on the fruit that the owners of the farm they write in the diary”.

And at a certain moment “he showed himself territorial and did not allow other individuals of his species to approach him” declared the Colombian specialist for the specialized magazine.

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