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The EU hopes that the fight between Venezuela and Guyana will not end in violence

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El government of United States He has expressed that he hopes that the fight will exist within Venezuela y Guyana For “a region rich in oil” no term for violence or conflict. So I reported it there Casa Blanca after the Venezuelan president, Nicolás MaduroI propose a law to declare the creation of a state in the Esequibo —an area that is also disputed in Guyana— and to give Venezuelan nationality to its inhabitants.

And this is Tuesday 5th December, the first agent of Venezuela he ordered the approval of an organic law to consolidate the “Guyana Exequiba”. Similarity, he must know that the oil company PDVSA will issue licenses for the exploration of oil, gas and minerals in that region.

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Overall, the tension that was generated between Venezuela and Guyana, John Kirby, spokesperson for the Security Council of United States, communicated that the North American country does not wish to experience violence or conflict. Before communications and journalists, the official declared that they are following closely to look for the situation.

“It’s worrying, we follow this many, many, many searches,” expressed John Kirby.

How are you traveling between Venezuela and Guyana?

The government of Nicolás Maduro created a referendum in which the population reaffirmed the Venezuelan sovereignty of the execution. Credits: X/@NicolasMaduro.

To get started, it is important to decide what the Exequibo It is a territory that is located in the north of South America and that is characterized by its natural resources as well as its large oil and natural gas reserves. Precisely for reasons like this, it has historically been pristine Venezuela y Guyana. Why did the dispute escalate?

It turns out that recently the government of Venezuela, led by Nicolás Maduro, created a referring in which the population reiterated the Venezuelan domination of the Exequibo. Subsequently, he began to take action on how to activate the debate in the National Assembly and the approval of a law to create the “Guyana Esquiba”. Including, he ordered to publish and bring to schools and all public spaces a new map that reflects this situation.

“The performance is our first of the differences,” declared Maduro in an assembly.

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