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The dead body of the man is returned to San Miguel Topilejo Tlalpan

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This morning, October 29th, el body a man was encountered in life in a riachuelo located in San Miguel Topilejoa village of the alcaldía Tlalpan in the City of Mexico (CDMX). The first reports confirmed that the body of the person was seen by neighbors in the area who, at the time, decided to notify the competent authorities.

At the moment when they brought the preventive elements of the Topilejo Sector they confirmed that the hombre This mouth reaches above a low mound in the middle of the richel Tlalpan, specifically at the height of the Segunda Cerrada de Encinos. To the truth that he didn’t react, the authorities said they called her to an ambulance, which the paramedics when they arrived, confirmed that the subject would remain alive for several hours.

What do you know about the man and the possible cause of his death?

I keep track of it in my diary Reform, el hombre which was spent in life in the small river San Miguel Topilejo He was between 50 and 55 years old, but until now, he hasn’t been identified. When they met him he remained in a pile of basura. According to the authorities, he kept his torso uncovered and did not react to any stimuli.

They were the paramedics who were trained at the hall and advised that the subject would take several hours without vital signs. However, the causes behind it still remain unknown fallacimientoin a first hypothesis it is said that one can fall when one encounters walking at the edge of the body of water.

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