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The day they came to Gusgri to get an interview where he revealed the drug’s secrets

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Gusgri god to know that the famous lost chapter of his series of interviews para YouTubeonly if one of them noticed it criminal groups Most important of the moment can the declarations of the guest reveal great secrets that pass in one of the criminal controversies of New Leon.

In one of his recent chapters, he informed me that after a mask with camouflage and black lenses he received a call from that group linked to the narcotraficthose who need to cut off a part of the video, one where they think that they supposedly end up with criminal penalties for guards to seize from other people criminal groups enemigos.

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Gusgri interviewed a “commander” of the organized crime who was in prison. Credit: Instagram / Gusgri

Gusgri was punished for the crime organized to reveal a video that revealed dark secrets

During the call, the habían entered seized much to his mother cman to one of their cuñados, and they amenazar him with that if they don’t bother the eye, Iban to matar to your family members. They only gave them until now medianochebut the topic gained control because people subjected it to other social spheres. Gusgri he was finally here he decided that would be solved without problems.

There were supposedly “higher end” people who called them directly to the YouTuber and said they might want to suffer it on this part of the declarations. The video does not appear new content on the official channels of Gusgribut there are fragments found by users who are frequent on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

The guy interviewed por Gusgri It’s a thing I’m doing in prison and who identified himself as him Commander Arana. During his criminal career he was part of the security team of several boss of the organized crime; but one day the members of the Secretariat returned to the house of security National Defense (Sedena), for what he was forced to suffer the penalty of Topo Chico.

The YouTuber must watch the video immediately to avoid a tragedy. Credit: Instagram / Gusgri

Gusgri, the YouTuber who started humiliating extortionists by phone and now has a famous channel of interviews that show the dark side of society

Gusgri e.g. a Youtubers who is dedicated to interviewing, on podcasts, people with incredible life stories. Not only people linked to drug trafficking as well as other forms of organized crime, can also be held among their invited singers, actors, actresses, people who dedicate themselves to selling content to adults and a large number etc.

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His beginnings on the platform, and the reason why he became so famous in the red, were videos where he gave bromas to people who dedicate themselves to extortionate by phone in different ways, with lies, and even playing with personal information, but they won’t be able to intimidate him.

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