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The corpse of a woman passed for two years in the house until her children left the United States and learned the story of her death

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Ones hermans originating from Durangobut they take root in them United States For work, they turned to see their mother during the New Year, until two years ago they lost all contact with her. Lamentably, they met one outburst of pain when you enter your home.

Immediately, the brothers they called 911the number of emergencies, and they included both the local police as well as the General Tax of the State of Durango and the emergency services, here is what only the emergency services are dareor the hues of the fallen lady.

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The authorities began one investigation carpet to determine the form in which the woman lost her life, and then it will be the movement of the body. Local media informed that the first expert tests indicate that Mrs. Murió is about a year old.

He identified himself with the woman without living as he did María Teresa Rivas Zapata 72 years old, and one of his hijas who traveled also revealed that from 20 years ago they migrated to the country near the north. The old people were happy with that no if they are extraño let go of the woman, she may have been very reserved, but they were soon tormented by her death.

The lady died of natural causes and the corpse has been in the house for two years

The related family tried to celebrate the December holidays to give themselves a whirl old house, but no more were given about the reasons for those who lost contact. Everything seems to indicate that it was one died from natural causes Due to your knowledge, however the authorities have not been pronounced respectfully.

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The situation sparked a debate in social circles, where Internet users argued against the family of the 72-year-old woman. These were some of the most noted comments:

  • “That ingratitude of the children. Even now, they must have been more at the mercy of their mother. Poor lady, who died so sadly, in solitude.”
  • “Total abandonment, always about the most important things that people who need to do all the time do. Now they don’t come with regrets and regrets.”
  • “Didn’t you want to be called in this time? Don’t worry that like us we’re fooled”
  • “For more than I want to understand, I don’t want to do it, as it can go to other countries and pass years without my mother, no money is worth as much for this absence”
  • “If you deserve a prize for being the best kids”

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