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The conductor died while staring at the back of a trailer and waiting for it to be plastered in the Naucalpan-Ecatepec

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On a sudden occasion I recorded the morning of this Tuesday, November 14th, a conductor lost his life taken place of impact against the platform of a trailer on the autopista Naucalpan-Ecatepec, at the height of the Colona Prensa Nacional, in the municipality of Tlalnepantla of the State of Mexico. Due to the reducción of carts for the accident, the circulation is affected with direction to Naucalpan.

After reading with the first reports, those who were informed when the driver of the tráiler pretended to orillarse in the collision of the road, it was caused by a mechanical fault; no matter what, the car that was left, one Jetta gray color of the Volkswagen brand, no attempt to detain himself and ended up caked on the bottom of the weighing platform.

The car ended up damaged below the charging unit platform. Photo: Redes Sociales

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Municipal police would be the victim of the violent shock

In an extra-official way, reports from the local press point out that mortal victim He was a man approximately 50 years old, presumably element of the Municipal Police from Tlalnepantla who, at the time of the accident, was headed for his service aboard the private car.

In images distributed in social networks it is possible to appreciate the gravity of the cause, as car that was destroyed In total cases, the tech that has been reduced to scrapings, while the front part that is stuck behind the platform, a few centimeters from the sides. Due to the violent impact, el body of the man have the project installed on the rear part of the vehicle.

Emergency services and local police elements have arrived there, keeping the area connected. En tanto, se reported la affectation in the majority of carriageswith vehicular charge weighing.

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