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The CDMX Congress opens the economic package 2024

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After five hours of analysis and discussion, the full body of the Congress of the City of Mexico approved the 2024 economic package, which did not change anything and asked the government leader, Martí Batres, to send it. With 44 votes in favor and 14 against, the income requirement has been approved, whereby the estimated net gas for the capital will rise to 267 million 965 million 350 million 437 pesos.

In the document, the legislators were written in a transitional article that in the first quarter of the year, in accordance with the collection of income from the capital, they will be able to receive payments for the severance payments of the workers of the Second Legislature. This requirement fluctuates around 250 million pesos, and will be for officials, business workers, advisors and technicians, who will receive it for three months of their money.

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At the meetings of the CDMX Congress, economic package 2024 will open

Morena at the CDMX Congress will follow the ratification of Ernestina Godoy

In the plan there is no presence of new challenges for the citizenry. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro.

The autonomous organizations receive less than the solicited

It is notable that the legislative body requested a requirement of 995 million pesos and was authorized only 701 million pesos. In the same way it should be noted that the autonomous bodies are maintained with the same technical presupuestal sent by the Secretariat of Administration and Finance, so that requests for recursos are required much because of what they request.

What stands out is the Instituto Electoral de la Ciudad de México (IECM), which in order to face the electoral day of next year, required a budget of 2 million 974 million pesos and only 2 million 100 million pesos were authorized; 800 million pesos less. Asimism, the Electoral Tribunal of the capital will cost 529 million 727 million pesos and will only reach 357 million 80 million pesos.

The expected awards for the Deconcentrated Dependencies and Organs will be for the amount of 86 million 939 million 229 million 114 pesos; the awards for the Auxiliary, Banking and Industrial Policies, as well as for the Authority of the Historical Center will tend to reach 20 million 101 million 413 million 294 pesos; and the boilers will total 49 million 252 million 040 million 524 pesos.

The total amount is 72 million 935 million 281 million 952 pesos; the Government Bodies amount to 9 million 162 million 870 million 100 pesos and for the Autonomous Bodies the sum is 13 million 964 million 943 million 894 pesos. The PAN, PRI and Movimiento Ciudadano presented 11 reservations to the dictamen, but none were successful.

The local government will tend to exceed 267 million pesos expected for the next year. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro.

There will be no new objections in the CDMX

While the Fiscal Code was approved with 64 votes in favour, it was clear that there would be no new charges and only if adjusted in accordance with the inflation of fines, services and prices. If article 193 was reformed to guarantee the payment of the rights that correspond to the authorizations, licenses and permits in the field of external publicity, this is how the Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda (Seduvi) culminates with the process of reorganization.

Furthermore, it is stated in article 157 that no fee will be paid for the appointments with respect to the remuneration of workers in the workplace, which is an incentive for regular use of this profession. When presenting the decree, the president of the Hacienda Commission, Carlos Hernández Mirón, expressed that an actualization factor of 1.0608 applies to prices, tariffs, fines and values.

In the same way, it is detailed that additions to article 220 regarding mobility are proposed to achieve the replacement of microbuses from 1989 to 1994, which have a long useful life.

As a matter of fact, it is expected that the fiscal benefits will continue in favor of the priority care groups, for example, the 8 percent discount in black and 5 percent in February for the annual payment of the prepaid tax.

No changes to the plan requested by Martí Batres. PHOTO: Gob. CDMX.

They expect to earn more than 111 million pesos

Furthermore, the Law on Income was approved with 48 votes in favor and 14 against, which means that of the total income there is 45.7 percent corresponding to own income, 51.6 percent for federal income and 0.9 percent for extinction internal.

If it expects a recovery of 111 million 589 million pesos from local income alone, this means a sum greater than 15 million 166.3 million pesos at the establishment in the 2023 financial year. This economic package will be limited to the government’s jefatura for its publication in the official capital market.

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