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The boy who met his father in Navidad made extreme confession

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Alexis Pachu He was then held to be captured when he lifted his father’s body inside a curse that was abandoned in a public square in the city of Lanús in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentinaand in addition to confessing that he is the person caught, here is a new confession that keeps the case in vile.

It was last Monday December 25th after the middle of the street when Alexis was seen picking up the remains of his father who now afterward were met by a neighbor from the area who had seen the authorities. During the capture of the 47-year-old suspect, he confessed that he lost his life to his father.

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Alexis Pachu accepted abandoning his father’s body. Photo: TN

The extreme confession of the boy who gave his father in Navidad

One day after the crime, Alexis indicated the main reason for it asesino his 83 year old father was called Atilio Pachuwas to “follow the jubilation”, emphasized the presumed idiotic place of having said that his father kept him undone and for this reason he decided that he would lose his life, according to information from the local media on Télam.

However, an investigation source consulted by the media indicated that the confession Alexis Pachu cares about legal validity, since he was spontaneously arrested at the time he was arrested in the house where he lived with his progenitor, where he supposedly got to the bottom of the crime.

“I didn’t admit that I was sick, I recognized that I had stripped him to follow the jubilation, but I say that when he hid, his father was dead,” the investigator stated.

Alexis was seen when he raised his hand in the street. Photo: TN

In this sense, the authorities keep the line of investigation open to define whether the accused killed his father or just took him to the grave in the event that the death was due to natural causes, for him, they hope for the results of the autopsy to define the result of the murder investigation.

The tax of the case, Martín Rodríguez he informed that Alexis made the confession, “an spontaneous self-incrimination”, but in no greater detail, he only indicated that the person detained would be subjected to an investigative declaration based on the charge of “homicide aggravated by violence”.

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