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The baby dies three months after the death of the family’s pet

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The fateful event occurred in a Chelsea residence, in El state of Massachusetts, United States. A baby For only 3 months he lost his life when he was attacked by a lobe which the family kept him as a mascot.

The informants of the county forensic officer, detailed that perro lobohe welcomed the least one who encountered the ground and began to play with him, taking as a result the tragic death of the baby.

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The hybrid lobe is a canine species with mixed lobe and perro ancestry. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The Shelby County Forensic Office, Lina Evanshe signaled that the fathers of the minor wanted to save him when trying to stop him from the garras of the animalbut unfortunately his efforts were nothing due to the speed that was the regrettable one.

Begin investigation for ear damage

The corresponding authorities have begun a criminal investigation into it ataque animalyou suspect that the fatal injuries were caused by the lobe and you want to explain what happened.

El hybrid lobe It is a canine species with mixed lobe ancestry perrowhich was sacrificed by a local veterinarian, according to the request of the authorities, the animal will be given to a analysis carried out by the State of Alabama Diagnostic Laboratory.

Finally the mayor of Chelsea, Tony Picklesimerlamented the tragedy signaled that he will review the regulation around animals exotics in the region.

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