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The arrival of migrants in the EU after Mexico will increase detentions

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The irregular connection of the migrants to the south front United States has lowered on the first black days after Mexico will increase the detentions in its territory, blocking the passage of the migrantsstated this Monday the state secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

“We appreciate the renewed compromise Mexico with the application of medicines to avoid the displacement of people in the north”, I said Mayorkas during a route of taking in Eagle Pass (Texas), facing Black Stones (Mexico) and looking for the Río Grande, one of the main routes of the cross para los migrants in this area.

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Mexican authorities increase the deportations of migrants

Mexican authorities have increased the deportations of migrants and refugees who travel to Mexico. PHOTO: AFP

According to the established authorities, the detentions in the border between EU and Mexico they have decreased to two million 500 per day, in comparison with the average of 8 million 400 detentions daily schedules scheduled in December. Among other actions, the Mexican authorities have increased the deportations of migrants and refugees who travel to Mexico in an attempt to join the United States.

Specifically, the agency of migration from Mexico he arrived at the cabo at least 22 trips from the neighboring region with United States Southern towns, in conflict with Guatemala, during the last few days of December, followed by Witness at the Border, a migrant defense group.

The majority of these games will be considered as the starting point Piedras Negras, fronted by Eagle Pass. Also, Mexico and Venezuela announced at the end of December that they would renew their flights to repatriate them venezolanos which are located in Mexican territory.

Changes between Mexico-EU bilateral meeting

Mexico’s migration agency has brought in less than 22 flights from the region bordering the EU to southern cities, bordering Guatemala. PHOTO: AFP

These changes were produced after a delegation United States, integrated among others by Mayorkas, will reunite at the December finals in Mexico with the president of that country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Both parties agreed to intensify the efforts of each nation to “interrupt the traffic of people, fight the crime and dismantle criminals”, according to the final statement.

In December, the Mexican Migration Agency announced the suspension of the deportations and transfers of migrants due to the failure of the terrain, which caused migrants and refugees to leave United States at night I recorded during the last weeks of the year.

Migrants and refugees came to the EU in record numbers during the last weeks of the year. PHOTO: AFP

Only on the first 28 days of December 2023, the patrol reached 235 million migrants who attempted to cross it irregularly frontera with Mexico, following the information given by the Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP) to those who accessed the CBS calendar.

Record figures in 2023

These figures mean that, every day, 8 million 400 were held migrants that they intend to connect to United States. December’s date marked a record: never before have so many stories been recorded migrants since they began to collect data in the year 2000. This increase is added to the more than two thousand who were detained in fiscal year 2022 and, again, in fiscal year 2023.

During December 2023, each day 8 million 400 migrants were detained who wanted to join the EU. PHOTO: AFP

These numbers reflect the desperation of those who are willing to risk it all to escape from the violence and poverty in search of a better life. According to CBP, it has recorded a significant increase in the last few months in the migration coming from Venezuela, Colombia and Haiti.

With information from EFE

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