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The area of ​​the massacre in Texcapilla returns to the ghost town: blood, clothing and shoes, rastros of the death of assassins

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From the massacre in Texcapilla, Texcaltitlán to the south of Edomex, the village has returned ghost in that 50 elements of the Policía Estatal reinforced with el Army They have visited the football field, where the heart failures, the tactical team and worn-out internal clothing, and the squads returning to prison are vestiges of the death of 10 hitmen.

Desde la Puerta Sultepecthe federal and state authorities have strengthened the supervision of entry to Tierra Calienteand the number of elements is similar to that of the municipality that decided to rebel against the extortion of organized crime.

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Refuerzan the vigilance in the scene of the crime
PHOTO: Special

Remain silence in the community among tragic events

Ya in the deviation to this community, the silence is dominated by the carretera and all the surroundings; the coming and going of the branches of the trees are perceptible to the smell, and only a handful of chickens cross the asphalt to see when they come in.

The horses do not record human activity, and only in some isolated areas do the curious find themselves. At the same time, the shops closed the curtain.

To the seniors of the football club, a dozen of uniformed men of the Policía Estatal como Ministerialexpectants remain at the rural units that circulate through the area, there may be no travel restrictions.

And in the meantime there is an increase in the number of 30 uniforms who are in the battle zone where the members of a cartel cell of the Family Michoacana (FM) no one could escape from justice by the hands of the peasants who armed themselves with machetes, ozes and old rifles, to defend their lives.

The camp is immense, but only in one part of these remains remain what was the massacre of the 10 assassins, as well as four other citizens.

What catches the eye are the leaks of blood from which the inert and calcinated bodies of the criminals have quenched. The greatest is the de Rigoberto de la Sancha Santillán, the one who learned to bear the testicles in the hands of a lady.

Marks of the massacre remain in the area
PHOTO: Special

Other vestiges of the masacre are a white manta, as are the shoes of camouflaged uniforms and tactical equipment, as is a helmet, and there are clothes, boxers and socks, as well as sports tennis shoes and accessories such as gorras.

Likewise, they were impregnated in the earth with the food and mechanical parts of the cloned truck like the army, the same as other two units.

The 50 elements of the Policía Estatal y del ArmyThey remained at the site for 24 hours, without having to turn on the food, so that at the end of this Saturday they called for the delivery of a bread-dispensing truck to buy and grab fuel.

According to the federal authorities, the presence of the federal forces will be permanent to protect the population from an organized crime response, even before 10pm at night, here is a alert.

Of the 14 homeless people, 10 were criminals and four other citizens, who were sent to their relatives, so that the organization of exequies for their dispatch was not permissible.

Also, if you are the most injured, five civilians and two hitmen, these are the last ones subjected to crime organized through medical care.

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