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The accusation against men of domestic violence and political violence goes to the end of the death of Balacera

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A man who was accused of violence housekeeper he got into one balacera with the policy in the streets of the city New York, United States. The moment of braking is taken by video surveillance cameras located in the shops, including the body cameras of the uniforms.

En a video published by the police corporation is observed in a first part of the clip when one of the policies New Yorkers who were driven by the patrol would be loaded into a vehicle at the same time as carrying a desecrated cargo pistol. The first action he took was to shoot in the direction of the aggressor.

The man must be forced to confront the police. Photo: Video capture

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Why did the accused disappear from the police in NY?

In the 29 seconds of the film I documented the moment when the accused of domestic violence was abatido to balazos. In the second part of the video are the moments before the death of the suspect, when he stood in front of a patrol that he received from balazos.

Inside, the uniforms are covered armas and they began to shoot the armed man while they looked at themselves behind the doors of the patrulla that left abiertas. The suspicious one who pulled the floor hurt you, but it was where the other one came from policy who was holding his body camera attacked him.

The suspect was accused of domestic violence. Photo: Captura de pantalla

The second uniform disappeared to the accused of being born violence housewife, who weighs the burden of having her hair pulled on the floor, continues by shooting with the last forces that take her away before losing her life due to herdings occassioned by her balacera.

The clip was shared in the social networks and currently has 125 million plays, where Internet users questioned the form in which the reported man acted violent with your family inside your home.

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