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The 9 year old boy was kidnapped by Hamás, he returned with his father and our son loved us

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Ohad Mundar 9 years old, he is a little boy who has been kidnapped for Hamas from which the attacks began between the group and the Army Israeli. He had been with his father for several months, accompanied only by his mother and his friend, but thanks to the truce that was established there, he could fly home with everyone he loves.

The Mundar family returns; They were 50 days seized by Hamás in Gaza, so it was a wonderful moment

There were 13 people released by Hamas the holidays, and Saturday were another 20. All sent to you authors de la Cruz Roja, quienes los trasladaron a un hospital in Israel. Once in Ohad, they were also liberated Ruth Mundar 78 years old, about abuela, y Keeren Mundar54 years old, about mother.

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They freed the other two adults together with Ohad. Credit: Twitter

In the video you can see who is going to niño hasta donde está su father. In the moment you see it, runs immediately to give her a break abrazoand the señor cannot avoid them invading him tears. On stage he is also on her hand, with beard and short hair, who runs to the arms of his mother.

Later moments they published a photograph of the little one Ohadbut this time with your eyes best friendsThe people posed happily and hugged him. The moment was immortalized for eternity, hasta comeiron helado y pizza joints. His story moved everyone in the world, and they encouraged him to come to the hospital, and give him gifts, as personalized as the team Hapoel Be’er Shevade quien es aficionado.

Middle locals have indicated that Ohad also iba por Nir Oz with his abuelo, Avraham Mundar, no one knows anything until the moment. He also regrettably lost his son Roee Mundarwho was murdered by the Hamás group on October 7, 2023.

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At the moment there is no news of Mexicans who are suspected of being kidnapped and remaining in Gaza, at the hands of Hamas. If it’s Ilana Gritzewsky and Orión Hernández, they still can’t go back home; so if you know something about paradero.

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