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The 18-year-old boy is beaten by his 80-year-old daughter; they’re looking for him for murder

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A woman jubilada 80 years old atacada by yourself nothing 18 years ago when he stopped her with the stick with the one who was able to walk to start hitting her, a situation that led to her being seriously esteemed for the fact that she was to remain confined, but for the strong injuries she finally lost her life.

The attack took place inside the home of the adult identified as the mayor Sofia Roseli who lives in the city of Záraten Argentina. It was in the middle of the month of November, when the young man shot his boyfriend, who was attacked by one of the older women who immediately called to the police to help the victim.

The 80-year-old abuela died in the hospital. Photo: Freepink

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At the same time they brought effective police forces to help Sofía Roseli who was shot in the dirt by the coups that he inflicted on her on Nieto, who from the heart with the words cited by TN, the boy attacked her boyfriend on repeated occasions and who supposedly paid a retreat madurative that made it happen that way.

After the severe attack, the adult mayor was transferred to the Hospital Zonal General de Agudos Descentralizado “Virgen del Carmen”, to subsequently be taken to a private clinic, where she was observed during the 18 days in what I was in agonythen refried the middle quote.

The abuela was attacked in her home. Photo: Freepink

Finally, Sofia Roseli murió for the blows received in the head that caused her a severe one hemorrhage which ended being the cause of the death of the older adult in the past. The policy is still there investigation process to determine the reason that led the young man to hit his family.

The investigation centers on the crime homicide and I asked to take care of the tax in turn Functional Unit enfocada en Family and Gender Violence.

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