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Texas endures the laws against illegal migration

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Three new words that pretend to endure the medicines against the people who cross the border with United States en Texaswere signed by the governor Greg Abbott in the city of Brownsville.

One of the main parts of this legal package is available Texas Police There are summer courts to detain, incarcerate and even begin the process of expulsion from North American territory for people who find themselves in irregular situations.

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The new legislation catalogs a la illegal immigration as a state crime, giving full possessions to the Texan authorities to be able to detain any person, under suspicion, you can prosecute them judicially. The application of these laws will begin next March.

Furthermore, it proposes a sentence of up to 20 years of imprisonment for those persons who, after having been detained and prosecuted, intend to enter again in an illegal manner Texan territory.

The government of Texas It also authorized a requirement of 500 million dollars to continue with the construction of a wall facing the aim of slowing down the migratory flow in this area.

“The consequences of cruising illegally will be as serious as the people who are being trafficked by them cards I don’t want to come to the state of Texas,” he declared Abbott.

Hold thousands of migrants in Eagle Pass

Now after the promulgation of the summer laws by Governor Greg Abbott, local media reported that at least 4,500 migrants were being processed in the locality facing the Eagle Pass.

The thousands of detained migrants have passed by distinct points, searched for in the Texan locality, off this day, reported by officials of the Patrulla Fronteriza who help with the contention of the people.

This is just another episode of the migrant crisis in Texas, where now before the federal government decreed the closure of the front rows in Eagle Pass y El Paso on trains proceeding from Mexico, due to the number of people attempting to cross the border on board them.

Since August of last year, Texas has sent more than 65 million migrants by bus to other cities in the country, and more recently installed aprons off the coast of the country. Rio Bravowhich caused some asylum solicitors to be harmed.

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