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Texan authorities are looking for asesinos with a young pair

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The authorities hope that a surveillance video will lead to responses from the patients of a embarrassed 18 years old who disappeared before Christmas and again, reported a jefe from the Texas Police. Both were encountered in a car with a gunshot in their heads and it is possible that they died days before their hallazgo.

At the time that family members and friends mourn the death of Savanah Nicole Soto18 years old, y Matthew Guerra, of 22, the Police had no possible reasons or suspicions. The Soto family said that the young girl was on the verge of giving birth to Luz and that she had planned an induced birth when she passed away last week.

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The county forensic doctor’s office Bexar I dictated that both deaths were homicides caused by wounds in the head.

The pair was encountered on Tuesday in the War car outside a complex of apartments in San Antonio, a scene from the crime that the jefe of Policía de San Antonio William McManus originally described it as very, very disconcerting.

Piden helps citizenship

The Policy further helps the public identify two people seen in a surveillance video that included the vehicle and who was grabbed before they met them corpses.

McManus doesn’t know what to say investigators I thought the figure was dead when I took the video.

“The detectives have the hope of that surveillance video lead to the benefits that led to your death,” said McManus.

The grabación shows the car of War held briefly at the back of a truck in a place looking for where he met the pair. A person goes up truck y look around the driver’s side of the car. If another person briefly gets into the war vehicle, McManus says he doesn’t believe that person was one of the victims.

He pointed out that the case is one investigation of asesinato and I said it was a terrible act.

Soto I had programmed one induced birth in a hospital I passed by on Saturday night, I told my family on the KENS-TV television, but I told my mother that I didn’t really answer this same day when I called at the door of Soto’s apartment in the suburb of Leon Valley.

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