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Teenager arrested for alleged childlessness of his fathers: he tried to pretend to be a robber and now rushes cargoes

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A teenager He was only 14 years old arrested in the city of Fresno, California, the place where he allegedly was asesino to his fathers and hirió to his hermanita menor. Those who watched the night of the past day, December 27th, and learned with the version of the Condado Sheriff’s Officethe elder of the edad called to the police and attempted to engage the authorities ensuring that a thief have entered your home.

Following the official declaration of the policy, at 7.40 pm on Wednesday, a teenager called 911 and requested the presence of the authorities in a living room located on the street number 4700 Dunlap Rd. When talking to the emergency operator, the little guy said that an alleged thief had broken into his house and had assailed his fathers; the elder of the day also detailed that his wife was injured and that the suspect had escaped through the crime.

The authorities turned on the house and encountered a horrible scene. Photo: special.

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Did a teenager ask his father and ask his mother?

After the emergency call, the police will be careful at the house of the older adult. On stage, the uniforms placed their bodies in the face of their fathers and the mother of the teenager pregnant woman. The minor was taken urgently to a hospital, while he was there cuerpos quedaron en look for an autopsy.

Upon hearing the story, the policies discovered that they had inconsistencies in their version of them. In the same way, they realized that the teenager was changing his version of him, so they classified the boy’s story as “incoherent” and arrested him as suspicious of the crimen. In life, the authorities can also locate the different weapons with which the person has carried the attack and his murder padres.

The life from which the multiple murder occurred is in focus. Photo: special.

Does the police stop the teenager?

For these people, the authorities they arrested to the teenagerin the hope that the investigations into it will be completed homicide. The County Sheriff’s Office informed that it would not be known the name of the younger man in the envelope, but it transcended that the deadly victims They were a woman called Se Vang and a man who answered the name of Lue Yang, both 37 years old.

In the case, the detectives leading the investigation detailed that there were no more people suspected of being violent. Furthermore, they informed them that they were not at risk for the community, so they exhorted their neighbors to continue with your daily activities. Any person who has more information that helps to report the incident can contact Detective Aurelio Flores by calling (559) 600-8208.

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