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Taxi picks up from a post office in Churubusco and leaves at midday; there are 5 injured people

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A Nissan Tsuro car that circulated by Churubuscoin the City of Mexico, ended impacted against a post of light and if he left by the time, leaving five people atrapadas in your interior. The authorities immediately turned to the area to provide assistance.

Through the social networks you can take photographs of the accident. Five people travel in this car when they happen five resulted in injuries. Until now, the authorities have not revealed his health status. All fueron redeemed.

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Taxi picks up in CDMX and leaves midway; there are 5 injured

Middle locals joined together before the choque against the post office, el taxi if impacted against a trailer which circulated in the same area, even after the shock if God was there leak immediately, but the authorities attempted to rastrearlo to the elders.

A big listen to the place of the locks to collect the vehicle immediately. Todos los heridos fueron trasladados al Hospital de Xoco to ensure they receive the necessary medical attention. If the circulation is affected during the next few minutes, until the end of the cleaning work.

Thank you for the cabinet work, please let me know that you will get them trailer plates B15457, the same one that was immediately located just one meter further ahead; authorized on the MX159B4 patrol hicieron the detention of the item which Iba as chofer of the same.

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Numerous bombers arrived in the area Heroic Cuerpo de la Ciudad de México, those who took the rescue of the people; además, llegaron paramedics on board an ambulance to attend to the victims and numerous agents there Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana.

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