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Taquería Gabriel prices location where at the beginning Janet Yellen visits CDMX

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Janet Yellenthe secretary of Department of the treasure de United States was captured up visit to Mexico This Tuesday was when I started inside the house Taqueria Gabrielwhere they offer a wide range on their menu that has been offered vegan platos. The state official is in the country on a state visit where she will discuss the issue of the fentanyl and the cadenas of suministro.

In her first meeting with national authorities, Yellen announced that United States would not use sanciones against 15 Mexicans and two companies accused of integrating a team dedicated to trafficking fentanyl to the country, this miracle was announced; no matter what, there was still time to taste one of the Mexican platinums for excellence: the tacos.

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Janet Yellen announces sanctions against the structure of the Beltrán Leyva cartel

The taquería located near Reforma offers a large variety of platinum. Photo: IG / taqueriagabriel

Where is Gabriel’s Taquería?

The Taquería Gabriel is located in the bar Cuauhtémoc, features a large space that includes guests and tables in the open air. The taquería is located on Calle de Río Sena 87-Local A in the city of Mexico, where the gastronomic offering is enjoyed with hand-made tortillas on the spot.

The menu that the Gabriel Taquería offers includes tacos de suadero, tripa, lechón and tomato sauce, as well as burritos elaborated with carne de salsa, de suadero, but also includes one of the meats and one more of the hongs.

There are vegan platinums at Gabriel’s Taquería. Photo: IG / taqueriagabriel

Likewise, the taquería offers with platillos of entry such as meat juice, guacamole, asadas cebollitas, asada papa or nopal esquites, one of the vegans that offers the establishment located in the heart of Paseo de la Reforma. The cost of the plates of the Gabriel Taquería are:

  • Entrance: From 55 to 120 pesos.
  • Tacos: 39 pesos.
  • Burritos: 139 pesos.
  • Postres: From 35 to 65 pesos.
  • Drinks: From 35 to 50 pesos.

Janet Yellen Yellen will remain in the country for this year, where she will support a meeting with the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as the secretary of the Hacienda, Rogelio Ramírez, and the governor of the Banco de México (Central), Victoria Rodríguez Ceja.

The restaurant where Janet Yellen began is in Rio Sena. Photo: IG / taqueriagabriel

With information from AFP.

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