Always Adopt These 7 Qualities To Be Happy Always In Life

7 qualities for a happy life: In the issue “Nitsar” published by GitaPress Gorakhpur, 7 such qualities of a human have been told, which make him the most special. The person who has these qualities, his life is considered complete and such a person gets every happiness in life. If you want all kinds of happiness and happiness in your life, then include the 7 qualities mentioned here…

Satyam krishajavam dhyanamanrishyamahinsanam.
Dum: Prasado Madhuryam Mriduteti Yama Dasha.

Friendship – The person who easily makes a place and belongingness for himself in the mind of others, he is considered very lucky. Because friendship is considered the biggest asset of life.

Policy – Everyone should have some principles in their life. The one who follows the policies is never attracted towards wrongdoing and becomes respected in the society.

Valor – Many people are compelled to do wrong things because of the fear or pressure of others. Therefore, everyone should have the quality of speaking their point of view fearlessly and speaking the truth.

Forgiveness – Forgiving the mistakes of others is considered the most important quality of a human being. People who have the ability to forgive others, happiness and peace always remain in the life of those people.

shame – Many people are shameless by nature, due to which their negative image is formed in front of others and they have to face problems. There should be shame in everyone.

Industry – The quality of industry is the art of earning money. This is one of the most important qualities. Everyone should have the art of earning money for living by walking on the right path.

Mercy – There must be a feeling of love and kindness towards others. God is always pleased with a man of generous nature and all his wishes are fulfilled.

Always Adopt These 7 Qualities To Be Happy Always In Life

These 7 Qualities Can Save You From Any Crisis – Tulsidas

Problems definitely come in the life of every person, but some go through this problem and some face it, so what are the gunas in those people who face all kinds of problems, so in this blog we are going to share the same qualities. You are going to know about those who should definitely bring their loved ones inside so that you can face any problem.

Tulsi fellow adversity of adversity, humility, prudence.
Courage Sukriti Susatyavrata Ram Bharosa is one.

Meaning- Tulsidas ji says that in adversity, i.e. in difficult times, these qualities accompany a man- 1. Knowledge, 2. Behave humbly, 3. Prudence, 4. Courage, 5. Good deeds, 6. Truth and 7. In God Faith.

Let us know how these 7 qualities can save you from trouble-

knowledge- Knowledge means your studies, education and life experiences. If you are in any trouble, then through knowledge you will definitely find a solution to that problem.

modesty- Vinaya means humility. If you are humble, you speak with the most love and affection. This quality can save you from any trouble.

Discretion- Vivek means intelligence, which gives you the ability to take the right decisions. With this quality, you can foresee problems in advance and solve them.

Bravery- This quality helps you to fight with difficulties. With the strength of courage, you can easily face even the biggest difficulties.

good work- If you are a noble person and you have never done bad to anyone, have always done good deeds, then as a result of this also you can get rid of trouble.

always tell the truth- The habit of telling the truth will make you comfortable and will also save you from unwanted situations. This quality of yours can relieve you from many problems.

Faith in God- When you are caught in such a calamity, from where it is difficult to get out, then faith in God can relieve you from every crisis.