Covid 19: Saudi Arabia facilitates Covid precautionary measures

Saudi Arabia has started easing precautionary measures against Covid-19 as the country has seen a decrease in new cases.

The Saudi Press Agency reported that the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) has announced that all airports will be operating at full capacity.

Meanwhile, the state will continue to monitor the vaccination status of travelers, reports Xinhua news agency.

Last week, the Saudi Interior Minister announced new decisions to ease precautionary measures based on facilitating the spread of Covid-19, reporting fewer than 100 daily new infections.

It is not mandatory to wear a mask in the open air from Sunday. The decisions also include waiving social distancing norms and allowing gatherings, public places, transport, restaurants and cinemas at full capacity.

Covid 19: Saudi Arabia facilitates Covid precautionary measures

The Saudi Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the situation and decide whether preventive measures need to be tightened in the event of an increase in hospitalized cases of Covid-19, including ISI patients.

Saudi health officials have attributed the reduction in new coronavirus cases to a national vaccination campaign and steps to contain the spread of the virus.