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Tabasco authorities report that the explosions in a Villahermosa market were caused by “exploited men”

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Attention has been focused on this end of the week Tabascothere is a place for a man to see where armed men are driving vehicles on the streets and roads of Villahermosa, late on this Saturday the panic began to spread among the people because of what was created at the beginning, it was a joke; without embargo, now more late the Secretaría de Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana (SSPC) downloaded these first versions and confirmed that they are detonations escuchadas fueron de pyrotechnics.

“The citizens are informed that the ‘supuestas detonaciones’ in the José María Pino Suárez Mercado area are derived from cohetes that they were exploiteddiscarding all types of aggression of any kind”, if you read in a communication from the annex shared in

Following the first local media reports and videos disseminated in social circles, the detonations occurred in the media of the José María Pino Suárez marketlocated in the building center of Villahermosa. Information shared by local media explains that panic arose among the students among the citizens, so the people present rushed to look at themselves.

Similarity, the tenants of the place preferred to place themselves safe at the bottom of the curtains of their shops; In the images that quickly went viral in social networks like Although the fear began for those who believed that they were dealing with impacts from firearms, later the authorities discarded the previous one and confirmed that only it was dealing with pyrotechnic explosives.

Other videos released late this Saturday, December 23rd, released shortly before 7pm also showed groups of people seeking refuge in a church in the market where the problem began. In an interview with XeVT, Julio César Félix Ovando, member of the Tabasco SSPC, explained that he went there without encountering the biggest problem.

“We took a trip to the market because people were alarmed, but it didn’t happen at all. It was all normal, it was a person who apparently pulled one of the cohetes and people misinterpreted it. a balacera). Let’s make sure the market, the information and the people and let us inform them that it was a false alarm”, the official said.

Considering the situation, the abandoned population on full Saturday 23rd December the central area Villahermosa and traders opted to close their businesses before the general panic. Including, los transportistas They also opted to leave the commercial area of ​​the center of Villahermosa, which forced the population to walk to get to the center of the city.

With information from Armando de la Rosa.

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