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Surfer celebrated the New Year on the beach and was attacked by a tiburon

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A surfer identified as Jason Carter, he lost his life during his life New Yearplace where it was attacked for a tiburón in the beach of Paia Bay, in Hawaii. According to local media, the 39-year-old man met swimming in the water when he was surprised by the school. It weighs on those other bankers who tried to help him, who couldn’t do anything to save his life.

Following the official report, shared by the Maui Police Department, at 11:00 am – on December 31, 2023 – surfer went into the water and waited 20 minutes after leaving attacked for a tiburón. The swimmers tried to rescue it, but they never succeeded. Jason was aided by the rescuers on an aquatic motorbike, and they carried out maneuvers to save his life.

The man was surprised by a huge tiburon. Photo: special.

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Tiburón mata a buzo en Huatabampo, Sonora

How did you go with the surfer hooked on a beach in Hawaii?

The man was transferred to the Maui Memorial Medical Center, where he came from murió due to the severity of the lesions that presented. Among the events, the beach where the public outcry was registered and the authorities informed that an investigation had begun to provide more information about the tragedy, which was classified as an “accident of a different type”.

Through social media, some tourists shared images showing that the authorities posted warning signs tiburones en las playas aledañas to the bay where the ataque took place. On the other hand, friends of the victim wrote their condolences to Jason’s family and recorded that he was a “legend” in everything he did: “It was another incredible friend and an incredible person. Jay Carter, rest assured, my friend ”, wrote a friend of Jason on Facebook.

The surfer presented serious injuries. Photo: pixabay.

Tiburón mata a buzo en Sonora

Other Tiburon attack It was registered – on Saturday 30 December – in the municipality of Huatabampo, Sonora. According to the Coordinación de Protección Civil Estatal (CEPC), the attack occurred at 1pm, when a young man aged 22 years old, identified as Víctor Alejandro, was fishing for callus and was surprised by a tiburón.

The school attacks the victim on repeated occasions, causing them to die. It is clear that the fisherman was drained of the water and received medical attention, no logró sobrevivir to the severe injuries that he presented and was declared in life.

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