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Sujeto coups his mother and tries to get to a police in Leon

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A man who, a few minutes ago, had shot his mother, turned on the gas and took her away from one of the policemen who were at her home to prevent her from attacking her, informing the voices of the Municipal Police of Leon.

The accident occurred inside a home located in the street Villa Mariana of the Piedra Azul colony in the emerald city, where police officers received the report of a domestic accident.

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One of the municipal agents entered the house from where Jonathan Alberto, 29 years old, encountered a coup against his own mother. When attempting to detain him, the alleged assailant stole her gas and took her fire.

The receipt of waste permits the apprehension of the alleged offender, as well as the arrest of the woman and the transfer to an official hospital of the Municipal Policeidentified as Miguel Ángel.

Accused of intent to commit murder

Transported by police agents, Jonathan Alberto “N” He was transferred before the local Public Minister, where judicial proceedings will follow as the alleged perpetrator of crimes of violence against women and intent to commit murder.

En tanto, the official Miguel Angel if she enters a lion hospital, where she is expected for the different injuries that caused her the cruel attack on the reward of her due.

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